Frequently Asked Questions2023-10-06T09:10:12-04:00

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are Integra Covers made?2023-04-20T10:49:47-04:00

Integra Pool Covers are proudly made in the USA at our manufacturing facility in Knoxville, TN.

Is my new Integra cover protected by a warranty?2023-05-17T02:54:48-04:00

Yes. Each Integra Pool Cover comes with a limited warranty for the fabric and its components, the electrical components, and the mechanical components. Learn more about warranty coverage here.

What type of pool can an Integra cover be used on?2023-04-20T10:41:45-04:00

Our automatic pool covers can be used on most in-ground pool styles including rectangular, square, and free form.

How much maintenance does my Integra Pool Cover require?2023-04-20T10:40:59-04:00

You should routinely clear the surface of your pool cover of any twigs, leaves, or other large debris before uncovering the pool. Every 3-6 months you can wash your Integra cover with a gentle dish washing liquid to remove the accumulation of dirt or grime.

How much weight can my Integra Pool Cover handle?2023-04-20T10:37:24-04:00

If the pool water is at proper level, an Integra cover can safely hold up to 1,000 lbs.

Are Integra Pool Covers safety certified?2023-04-20T10:36:40-04:00

Yes. Integra’s automatic pool covers are ASTM certified, meeting the safety standards outlined in ASTM F1346-91.

What is the difference between a regular pool cover and a safety pool cover?2023-04-20T10:35:38-04:00

Safety covers are specifically designed and tested to ensure they provide a barrier of protection against drowning. Safety covers eliminate gaps between the pool cover and the pool. Safety covers are also engineered for strength to support top weight.

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